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We can help Canadian professionals determine the full extent of the benefits that can be realized within a Personal Pension Plan™

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Are you a Canadian business owner or an incorporated professional? We're here to help if you or your financial advisors have questions about how to take advantage of the Personal Pension Plan™ for your retirement savings. Please submit your question, and indicate whether you prefer to be contacted by phone or email. We will make every effort to provide a response within 48 hours.

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Toll-free: 1-844-4-THE-PPP (1-844-484-3777)

Calgary: 587-316-9678
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INTEGRIS is a Canadian tax-savings solution for incorporated professionals looking to minimize taxes while protecting assets as they plan for the future.

To date, incorporated professionals haven't been offered the ability to build up a substantial nest-egg in a tax-assisted manner at a reasonable cost. INTEGRIS now offers a solution to address this market need.

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Let us know if you or your financial advisor have any questions on how to realize the full potential of the PPP®.